Tiki Wiki: Hosting behind a reverse proxy/load balancer and forcing HTTPS

Tiki Wiki has support for hosting behing a reverse proxy/load balancer which handles HTTPS. However, I had a heck of a time getting this running. I wasn’t able to find the documentation on their website explaining the setup required, but it is documented in lib/setup/absolute_urls.php.

Adding a row to your tiki_preferences table will do the trick.

INSERT INTO tiki_preferences (name, value)
VALUES (‘feature_port_rewriting’, ‘y’)

I also set the ‘https_login’ to ‘required’ and left the ‘https_port’ empty. The absolute_urls.php script will set the https_port var to 443 when this field is empty.A quick, simple fix to force HTTPS logins on your Tiki Wiki install, when you’re running behind a reverse proxy or load balancer which handles HTTPS for you.